17 March 2015

A Note from a Notorious Procrastinator

Do it.

I know, I know, Nike right? Well kind of… but no, what I mean is do whatever it is that you have been putting off.
You know that thing that you’ve wanted to do, and thought about, but it just seems too bold. Or maybe it isn’t like you to do that. Or maybe you are too focused on the negative, and are afraid to fail. What will people do if you fail? What would they say behind your back about you?

Who cares, do it. You know what is worse that failing? Inaction.
Taking calculated chances, and failing, is something that every successful person has done. Don’t avoid taking action out of fear.
Don’t fear failure, failure is nothing. Your reaction to failure is something, and can be something good.
Using failures as learning experiences is the key to growth. Why? Well, failure hurts. It makes us wince a bit, and damages our ego. It motivates us to never want to fail again, thus driving us to work harder to avoid failure in the future, to be smarter. It hurts to fail, but it gives us the motivation that nothing else can. Yes, failure sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world.

So don’t wait anymore, take a chance, be a decision maker, and allow yourself to make choices, and live by them.

-J. Black

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