21 June 2016

June Video From The Editor Samantha Kozuch


Hey Guys! I’m Samantha Kozuch, and I am so honored that James and Jason asked me to join the team as Editor-in-Chief! I’m going to be shooting out videos to you guys every month so you can get to know me a little better! I am far from a newbie to the talent industry and I’m really excited to share with you so much of what I’ve learned from my personal experiences that have occurred as a 100% full-time working talent for the last 10 years. My career includes jobs as model, actress, spokes-model and sports talent for brands ranging from Adidas, Ferrari, RedBull, Cellucor Supplements, Beats By Dre, etc. I also have years of experience in launching brands and growing an online presence, my personal brand is The Daily Fit Girl which is a workout plan women that I’ve been growing for the past few years.

Questions to ask yourself this Month and Comment below: The Pro Exposure Samantha Kozuch Editor in Chief
What do you want out of a career in the talent world?
What will drive you?
Is it your passion?
Do you want the fame?
Is it the money?
Do you want to help people?
Do you want to create and bring a product to life?
What is your end goal?

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