James Patrick // Founder & Host

James Patrick is a multiple ADDY® Award-winning commercial and editorial photographer, marketing specialist, writer and public speaker based in Arizona. Specializing in fitness photography, James has been published both locally and nationally in a variety of fitness publications as well as appearing in multiple health and fitness advertising campaigns. His work samples can be seen on his website 

Jason Black // Founder & Host

Jason Black is an Arizona-based fashion, beauty and portrait photographer who has collaborated with various publications and commercial clients. He is skilled and adept at working with a variety of talents ranging from amateurs to seasoned professionals. His experience also includes graphic design, videography and web development.  His work can be seen at

Samantha Kozuch // Editor in Chief

Samantha Kozuch is a Los Angeles based internationally published model, health and fitness blogger, commercial sports model and actor, video production agency owner at, on-camera host, and officially titled Miss Red Bull GRC 2016. She is one busy woman and is constantly growing and evolving her brand. Samantha has never had a boss and has grown her businesses (yes, multiple businesses) by learning from mentors and industry leaders along with reading and listening to her favorite business books and podcasts, she believes you should never stop educating yourself. Samantha is passionate about inspiring and educating others about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Through her health and fitness programs available on, she has helped countless people transform their bodies and lives.


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