28 April 2014

The Pro Exposure Podcast #49: Joel Grimes

The Pro Exposure is excited to welcome special guest Joel Grimes, a Phoenix based commercial photographer, with over 26 years of experience in photography. Joel Grimes has become a household name among photographers for his style, which has not only become one of the most widely recognized styles, but has also become one of the most replicated. He is also an educator and speaker, sharing his experience with other photographs and business owners, as he did in this podcast.

In this hour long podcast, Grimes discusses how he started in the photography industry, secrets to success in marketing and networking, and how having a style as his means changing his look every so often to ensure constant marketability.

Special thanks to Joel Grimes for sharing his time, please take a moment to check out his work, and photographers check out his workshops where he offers small group seminars.




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